How to post the quarterly newsletter to your existing website

Set it, and forget it!

Posting our quarterly newsletter (or any of our documents) to your existing website is easy to set-up and even easier to maintain.  That's because once you set it up, you can forget about it because the latest issue will automatically show up the moment we publish it.

Here's how you do it:

  1. Go to your webpage (if you haven't set it up click here)
  2. Click on the link for 1040 News (or any other product you want to share) 
  3. Copy the text that appears in the address bar of your browser (this address is called a URL)
  4. Send the URL to the person/company that manages your website.  Tell them that you want to create a link on your website to this URL.  Specify where you want the link to appear and what you want it to say.