2020 Organizers

2020 Organizers are ready to share with your clients today. 

You probably already know this... but it's worth repeating.  If you have already set-up your my1040pro webpage then you don't need to download anything.  All of the following products are already updated on my1040pro.   


You can still download PDFs if you prefer.  Here are the links:


1040 Checklist (1-page)

Income Tax Organizer (2-pages)

Tax Deduction Finder (4-pages)

Tax Time Basics Letter (2 pages... Letter format)


Special Organizers:

Farm Organizer

Estates & Trusts

Spanish Language Organizer (2-pages)

Special Organizer for States Without Income Tax (4-pages)

Foreign Account Holders


For those that haven't already set-up my1040pro, now is a great time to see why folks love our hosted documents.  They are so easy to use and share with your clients.  You can even link my1040pro to your existing website and the documents automatically update when we make changes. 


my1040pro is included with your subscription.   Click below to get started.